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What is ZeroDev?

ZeroDev is an embedded wallet powered by account abstraction (AA), offering developers the ability to create self-custody wallets with Web2 logins, sponsor gas for users, automate transactions, and more. Fully programmable and supporting additional features through plugins, ZeroDev is the go-to choice for Web 2.5 DApps, protocols, and wallets seeking to elevate user experiences through AA functionality.

Key Features of ZeroDev

  • Embedded Wallet: ZeroDev serves as an embedded wallet with AA capabilities, empowering developers to build customized, whitelabeled wallet experiences.

  • Gas Sponsorship: Simplify user transactions by sponsoring gas for users, eliminating concerns about gas fees.

  • Web2 Login Support: Create self-custody wallets with Web2 logins, such as social logins, email, and passkeys.

  • Automated Transactions: Streamline user flow by automating transactions, removing repetitive signing prompts, and even enabling offline transactions like subscriptions.

Who is ZeroDev For?

  • Web 2.5 DApps: Embed ZeroDev to provide users with AA wallets, offering a gasless and seamless transaction experience.

  • DApps and Protocols: Utilize ZeroDev to implement advanced functionalities only achievable with AA, enhancing features like automatic liquidations or gas payments in ERC20 tokens.

  • Wallet Developers: Integrate ZeroDev as an AA wallet backend, focusing on building high-level UI/UX or custom AA wallet logic through plugins.

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