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What is Zapper?

Zapper is a web3 explorer. It is a search platform and exploration tool for web3. The discovery pages show you connected pathways to help you explore popular NFT collections, DeFi apps and DAOs. They’ve built out the first web3 value graph, a map between NFTs, DeFi, apps, DAOs, wallets, and coins – allowing users to explore as deep and wide as they want, all in one place.Users are able to connect and share their collections and profiles with others, follow and see what their favorite investors and connections are holding and doing on-chain, and learn from their peers.

What Zapper Offers

  • Search Platform and Exploration Tool: Zapper serves as a search platform and exploration tool for Web3. It helps users discover popular NFT collections, DeFi apps, and DAOs through connected pathways.

  • Discovery Pages: These pages provide connected pathways to explore popular NFT collections, DeFi apps, and DAOs, facilitating exploration within the Web3 ecosystem.

  • Profile Page: Users can monitor their Web3 portfolio on their profile page. This includes tracking assets, debts, liquidity pools, staking, claimable rewards, yield farming activities, and NFTs.

  • Privacy Focus: Zapper emphasizes privacy and does not require users to share any personal data to use its services. Users can simply connect their EVM compatible wallet or paste their ETH wallet address/ENS domain into the search bar.

  • Exchange and Bridging: Zapper acts as a gateway for exchanging tokens and bridging assets across different networks. Swap Page: Powered by Matcha, it enables users to swap thousands of tokens across six different networks. Bridge Page: Powered by Socket, it supports multi-chain bridging of assets, facilitating exploration across different chains.

  • APIs: The Zapper API provides some of the most robust Web3-related data, from complex DeFi app balances to NFT valuations and pool liquidity and prices on different AMMs, all in one convenient place.

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