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The Waku Network

The Waku Network is a shared p2p messaging network that is open-access, useful for generalized messaging, privacy-preserving, scalable, and accessible even to resource-restricted devices. Some of the most prominent features include:

DoS/Spam Protection: Implemented with privacy-preserving Rate-Limiting Nullifiers.

Scalability: Achieved by sharding traffic into 8 pubsub topics.

Automatic Shard Selection: Based on content topic for efficient routing.

Services for Resource-Restricted Nodes: Including historical message storage and retrieval, filtering, and more.

Why Join the Waku Network?

Decentralized Communication Components: Applications or projects can build decentralized communication components on this network, benefiting from shared infrastructure's fault-tolerance, the out-of-the-box censorship resistance of a p2p network, and the privacy preservation of Waku protocols.

Support Public Goods: Supporters of public goods and decentralized infrastructure can run their nodes to support the network.

Incentivization: Work is ongoing on incentivization vectors to encourage more node operators to provide services to the network.

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