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About Turnkey

Turnkey is a crypto private key infrastructure designed to empower developers with secure APIs for generating private keys and signing transactions. It introduces a flexible structure comprising users, policies, private keys, wallets, and credentials, allowing for secure and efficient key management within organizations.

How it Works

At its core, a Turnkey Organization consists of key resources:

Users: Humans or machines with access to the organization. Policies: Rules defining user actions within the organization. Private Keys: Used to derive addresses and sign transactions. Wallets: Collections of crypto private keys sharing a common seed. Credentials: Verification mechanisms for users - WebAuthn for human users and API keys for API users.

Turnkey's REST API facilitates two main types of actions:

Change or Retrieve Organization Data: Manage and access organization data using API requests.

Sign Transactions and Payloads: Utilize crypto private keys to sign transactions and raw payloads securely.

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