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Welcome to SpruceID

SpruceID is a decentralized identity toolkit developed by Spruce, an open-source, decentralized identity company. It empowers organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of digital credentials securely, including mobile driver's licenses, software audit statements, and professional certifications. Users control their data across the web, ensuring that digital identity remains user-centric.

Key Features

-User-Centric Digital Identity: SpruceID ensures that digital identity is always stacked towards individual users, giving them control over their data across the web.

-Lifecycle Management: Organizations can efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of digital credentials, from issuance to verification.

-Kepler - Self-sovereign Storage: Spruce offers Kepler, a self-sovereign storage product, supporting secure sharing of trusted data, DAO-based credentialing, and permissioned access to DeFi through a partnership with the Verite protocol.

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