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What is Privy?

Privy is a simple toolkit designed for progressive authentication in Web3. It offers developers the flexibility to onboard users seamlessly across various authentication methods, whether traditional or web3. Key features include:

Flexible Authentication Methods

Privy supports onboarding users with various authentication methods, including crypto wallets, email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles (e.g., Twitter or Discord). Users can explore your product without the need for a wallet.

Progressive Onboarding

Enable progressive onboarding with Privy, requiring wallet connections only when necessary. Fine-grained control over authentication flows allows you to enhance user conversion rates and create a more tailored user experience.

Common User Object

All authentication methods create a common user object for your app. Regardless of the authentication method used, Privy ensures a consistent user experience, eliminating complex code logic to support diverse user identifiers.

Self-Custodial Wallet Setup

For users without a self-custodial wallet, Privy guides them through the setup process, ensuring a straightforward experience on all devices, whether desktop or mobile.

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