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Welcome to Pinata

Pinata makes it simple to store and retrieve media on IPFS and build social applications with Farcaster. Pinata provides a range of developer plans to suit every stage of your journey, making IPFS more accessible

Features Pinata Offers

  • IPFS Storage: Streamlined Web3 content storage management and distribution.

  • Dedicated Gateways: High-speed access, enhanced rate limits, and security for high-traffic applications.

  • Pinata Farcaster Hub: Explore the versatility of Pinata Hub for building Farcaster apps, querying data effortlessly, and unlocking new possibilities.

What make Pinata Unique

  • Pinata has worked with IPFS since 2018, powering many of the industry’s top projects and marketplaces. They've seen and experienced it all. Pinata is built upon thousands of direct conversations with developers and their IPFS needs—everything they do is done to empower builders to do what they do best.

  • Smart on-boarding: Sign up, get your API keys, and your gateway immediately.

  • Unmatched support:Reliable in-app support for all your on-demand needs.

  • Robust documentation: Comprehensive guidance and examples to help you get up and running quickly.

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