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What is Pimlico?

Pimlico is an infrastructure platform designed to empower developers in building the next generation of smart accounts. Specifically tailored for ERC-4337 smart accounts, Pimlico offers essential components such as bundlers, verifying paymasters, ERC-20 paymasters, and more. These features aim to enhance wallet stability and accelerate development iterations for smart account projects.

Pimlico's Vision

Pimlico aspires to become the foundational infrastructure layer facilitating Ethereum's transition to smart contract wallets, primarily achieved through widespread ERC-4337 adoption. The platform addresses the need for additional infrastructure to fully unlock the theoretical benefits of account abstraction.

Key Features of Pimlico

  • Bundlers: Pimlico provides bundlers, a crucial element for ERC-4337 smart account development.

  • Verifying Paymasters: The platform offers verifying paymasters to enhance security and stability.

  • ERC-20 Paymasters: Pimlico supports ERC-20 paymasters, providing versatility in smart account development.

  • Infrastructure Support: Pimlico aims to offer comprehensive infrastructure support for smart account projects.

Who is Pimlico For?

  • Smart Account Developers: Pimlico is designed to assist developers in creating stable and efficient ERC-4337 smart accounts.

  • Wallet Development Teams: Accelerate your wallet development with Pimlico's essential components and infrastructure support.

  • ERC-4337 Enthusiasts: Explore Pimlico to contribute to the widespread adoption of ERC-4337 and shape the future of smart contract wallets.

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