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What is Paima?

Paima is a Web3 Engine optimized for games, gamification, and autonomous worlds, providing a streamlined environment for building web3 applications in a matter of days. It offers a unique set of features to empower game developers and brands venturing into the web3 space.

Key Features

Onchain Game Development: Paima allows the creation of onchain games with the ease of web2 skills, enabling developers to leverage their existing expertise.

User Protection: Paima ensures user protection even in the event of hacks, providing a secure foundation for brands to build web3 applications without concerns.

Cross-Wallet Gameplay: Deploy your game to one chain and make it playable across multiple blockchains, expanding the reach and accessibility of your game.

Accelerated Release Cycles: Paima accelerates the development cycle, making weekly releases a reality and offering a faster pace compared to traditional web3 games.

Multichain Support: Paima supports any EVM chain and comes with a robust feature set for seamless multichain integration.

Paima in Action

Explore the potential of Paima by diving into real-world use cases and applications in game development.

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