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What is Openfort?

Openfort is a seamless wallet-as-a-service solution designed for frictionless crypto accounts in gaming. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including support for multi-chain accounts, gas sponsorship, pop-upless blockchain interactions, and flexible ownership. Games built on Openfort experience faster launches, adaptable growth, and automated workflows, providing an enhanced gaming experience for players.

Key Features

  • Frictionless Crypto Accounts: Openfort enables frictionless crypto accounts, making it easy for players to interact with on-chain assets seamlessly.

  • Multi-chain Support: Generate wallets seamlessly across any EVM blockchain, utilizing the same account address for each player.

  • Gasless Player Experience: Abstract gas fees from players, offering a gasless experience, and implement granular policies based on player actions.

  • Unified Multichain Address: Openfort provides a unified address solution, allowing the generation of wallets across various EVM blockchains with a consistent account address.

Build Your Gaming Ecosystem

Openfort empowers developers to:

  • Build API-based Integrations: Save engineering time by building API-based integrations with unified accounts, gas sponsorship, pop-upless blockchain interactions, and flexible account ownership.

  • Offer Gasless Player Experience: Abstract gas fees, creating a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players.

  • Build Gaming Ecosystems: Bring games and players together seamlessly, leveraging infrastructure that works across partner ecosystems.

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