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What is Mirror?

The home for web3 publishing, Built on web3 for web3, Mirror’s robust publishing platform pushes the boundaries of writing online—whether it’s the next big white paper or a weekly community update.

Key Features

  • Decentralized by design: You publish it. You own it. Mirror is built using web3 technologies: log in with Ethereum, store your writing on Arweave, and publish using Mirror’s credibly-neutral protocol.

  • Collectable entries: All posts on Mirror are mintable. Turn your readers and fans into collectors. More than just a new form of patronage, it builds community around your ideas from the bottom-up.

  • Web3-worthy editor: Web3 ideas deserve a specially designed toolkit. Built from the ground up on web3, Mirror’s powerful editor explodes the possibilities of writing, allowing you to embed NFTs and compose with web3 blocks from across the ecosystem.

  • Wallet subscriptions: Mirror takes subscriptions a step further by centering them on a web3 wallet, creating social and economic links between your audience and project.

  • DAO-native: No idea is an island. Mirror empowers collaboration like never before with a variety of co-authorship features, and is built to support DAOs and multisigs.

  • Your content. Forever. Everything you publish is stored on the permaweb with Arweave.

-Publishing is free: How much does it cost to publish on Mirror? Nothing.

Steps to start publishing

  • Simply connect your wallet to start publishing.
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