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What is Magic?

All the benefits of web3. None of the stress. Magic provides the leading wallet-as-a-service plus essential NFT capabilities.

Key Features Of Magic SDK

Magic's SDKs integrate seamlessly into any web or mobile application to enable:

  • Blazing-fast, hardware-secured, passwordless authentication

  • Non-custodial customizable wallets with best-in-class security and UX

  • Compatibility with over 25+ blockchains

  • NFT services for minting and checkout

Key Features Of Magic Wallet Service

Seamless onboarding.

High conversion.

Wallet infrastructure without seed phrases, downloads, or steps that add friction.

  • Invisible wallets: Users get wallets after sign in with email or social

  • Non-custodial: Users have sole control over their keys and assets

  • Authentication : 10+ authentication methods or bring your own

  • White-label: Customize to your brand and create familiar UX

  • Fiat on-ramps: Onboard new web3 users with easy access to crypto

  • Multi-chain: Supports 20+ blockchains

Key Features Of Magic NFT Capabilities

Build previously unimaginable digital experiences from loyalty programs to token-gated events and more.

  • NFT Checkout: Buy directly with Credit, Debit, and Instant ACH

  • Smart Contract: Deploy smart contracts or bring your own

  • NFT Minting: Create and deliver NFTs fast and at scale

  • NFT Gallery: View, manage, and transfer NFTs in wallets

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