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What is Lilypad?

Lilypad is developing a trustless, distributed compute network that enables internet-scale data processing, AI, ML & other arbitrary computation from blockchains, while unleashing idle processing power & unlocking a new marketplace for compute.

How Does Lilypad Work?

Lilypad provides decentralized AI computational services. By extending unrestricted, global access to computational power, Lilypad strategically collaborates with decentralized infrastructure networks, such as Filecoin, to formulate a transparent, efficient, and accessible computational ecosystem. Perform off-chain decentralised compute over data, with on-chain guarantees, and to call this functionality directly from a smart contract, CLI and an easy to use abstraction layer, opens the door to a multitude of possible applications.

Advantages of Lilypad

  • Verifiable Trustless Decentralized Compute Network: Lilypad is a decentralized compute network that provides global, permissionless access to compute power. It leverages decentralized physical infrastructure networks like Filecoin to ensure trustlessness and verifiability.

  • Mainstream Web3 Application Support: Lilypad is designed to enable mainstream web3 applications to use its compute network. It aims to make decentralized AI more accessible, efficient, and transparent for developers and users.

  • Lilypad AI Studio provides an interface for non-technical users to run models like SDXL 0.9 and Mistral 7b on the open compute network with a simple interafce.

Why use Lilypad?

By leveraging decentralized infrastructure networks such as Filecoin, Lilypad is strategically positioned to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of high-performance computing hardware.

  • Inference AI jobs
  • ML training jobs
  • Invoking & supporting generic ZK computations
  • Cross-chain interoperability complement to bridge protocols
  • Utilising inbuilt storage on IPFS
  • Federated Learning consensus (with Bacalhau insulated jobs)
  • IOT & Sensor Data integrations
  • Providing a platform for Digital twins
  • Supply chain tracking & analysis
  • ETL & data preparation jobs
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