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What is Hyperlane?

Hyperlane is the first universal and permissionless interoperability layer designed for the modular blockchain stack. It allows developers to seamlessly connect different blockchains, enabling the creation of Interchain Applications that span multiple blockchains.

Key Features

  • Permissionless Deployment: Anyone can deploy Hyperlane to any blockchain environment (layer 1, rollup, or app-chain) to facilitate seamless communication with other chains using Hyperlane.

  • Modularity: Hyperlane is designed with modularity in mind. It provides interchain security modules that give developers control over their security model, allowing configuration, composition, and customization based on application needs.

Pre-Built Examples

Hyperlane offers several pre-built examples that can be deployed out of the box:

  • Warp Routes: Enable native, ERC20, and ERC721 tokens to move seamlessly across chains.

  • Interchain Accounts: Allow an account on one chain (e.g., a DAO) to make smart contract calls on remote chains.

  • Interchain Queries: Enable an account on one chain to make view calls on remote chains.

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