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What is Huddle01?

Huddle01 is a startup that offers a live audio/video SDK for mobile and web apps, providing a rapid solution for integrating high-quality audio, video, and live-streaming capabilities. It serves as a P2P (peer-to-peer) video calling and communications platform, presenting itself as a Web3-powered alternative to Zoom. With a focus on user security, digital identity protection, and freedom of expression, Huddle01 aims to enable seamless video calling experiences and online collaboration.

Key Features

  • Live Audio/Video SDK: Huddle01 provides a live audio/video SDK that allows developers to integrate high-quality audio, video, and live-streaming functionalities into their mobile and web applications.

  • P2P Video Calling: As a P2P video calling platform, Huddle01 eliminates the reliance on servers, offering a free and decentralized alternative for secure and private video communications.

  • Web3-powered Alternative to Zoom: Huddle01 positions itself as a Web3-powered alternative to traditional video conferencing platforms like Zoom, prioritizing user privacy and freedom.

  • Multi-screen Technology: The platform facilitates online collaboration through its multi-screen technology, offering an online office where users can connect via voice, chat, and video.

Huddle01 Online Office

Huddle01's online office provides a space for individuals and teams to:

  • Connect: Seamlessly connect with teammates, clients, or friends through voice, chat, and video.

  • Collaborate: Utilize multi-screen technology for effective online collaboration, making teamwork more productive.

  • Express: Freedom of expression is encouraged, allowing users to express themselves freely in the online environment.

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