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What is Fuel?

Fuel is an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups, designed to help developers build decentralized economies at scale. Fuel aims to expand the capabilities of Ethereum Rollups without compromising on security or decentralization.

Key features of Fuel

  • Parallelized - for performance :By executing transactions in parallel, Fuel can scale to users' increasing demand for transaction bandwidth while ensuring a high quality user experience.

  • State Minimized - for sustainability: Increased traffic on blockchains leads to growth in the state of the blockchain. Large state also places higher demands on node hardware leading to reduced decentralization. Fuel’s UTXO-based design minimizes state when executing transactions thereby preserving decentralization.

  • Interoperable - for a world of rollups: Fuel allows chains to introspect each other and thereby gather details from each chain at the block level. This enables Fuel chains to interoperate seamlessly with each other safely and securely.

  • Customizable - for app chains: Built to be highly customizable, Fuel also allows a chain builder to deploy highly scalable app chains to solve any type of use case.

  • User Friendly - for any asset & any wallet: Fuel supports native account abstraction and multiple signature schemes, which allow any wallet from any blockchain to connect to the network.

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