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What is Etherspot?

Etherspot is an Account Abstraction SDK that deploys smart contract-based wallets counterfactually for each user, offering a consistent experience across multiple chains. It provides a multi-chain, self-custody, smart contract wallet platform, enabling dApp developers to streamline the Web3 user experience. With the Etherspot Prime SDK, developers have comprehensive guidance for integrating Account Abstraction, abstracting away complex blockchain operations, and ensuring seamless interoperability across different EVM chains.

Key Features of Etherspot

  • Account Abstraction SDK: Etherspot offers an Account Abstraction SDK for deploying smart contract-based wallets counterfactually for each user.
  • Multi-Chain Support: Users experience consistent smart contract-based wallets across multiple EVM chains.
  • Simplified Web3 User Experience: Etherspot empowers dApp developers to simplify Web3 app user experiences by abstracting away complex blockchain operations.
  • Interoperability: Ensures seamless interoperability across different EVM chains, providing a unified experience for users.

Who is Etherspot For?

  • DApp Developers: Leverage Etherspot to integrate Account Abstraction, simplifying the user experience and ensuring interoperability.
  • Multi-Chain Applications: Benefit from Etherspot's multi-chain support for smart contract-based wallets.
  • Web3 Projects: Ensure a frictionless Web3 user experience by adopting Etherspot for self-custody smart contract wallets.
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