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What is EigenLayer?

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a groundbreaking primitive in cryptoeconomic security. This protocol allows users to restake their ETH or liquid staking tokens (LST) through smart contracts. By doing so, they extend cryptoeconomic security to multiple applications on the network, earning additional rewards in the process. EigenLayer plays a crucial role in enhancing Ethereum's security by enabling stakers to provide security across various services, thereby reducing capital costs and increasing trust guarantees for individual services.

Key Features

  • Restaking Primitive: EigenLayer introduces the concept of restaking, enabling users to restake their ETH or LST through smart contracts.

  • Pooled Security: Ethereum stakers can help secure multiple services by opting into EigenLayer smart contracts, providing pooled security. This reduces capital costs for stakers and enhances trust guarantees for individual services.

  • Permissionless Innovation: EigenLayer creates an environment for permissionless innovation and free-market governance by allowing any service, regardless of its composition (e.g., EVM-compatibility), to tap into the pooled security of Ethereum's stakers.

Why Build with EigenLayer?

EigenLayer offers several advantages for Ethereum developers and services:

  • Reduced Capital Costs: Reusing ETH to provide security across many services reduces capital costs for stakers to participate.

  • Pooled Security: EigenLayer enables Ethereum stakers to opt into many services simultaneously, providing pooled security that benefits individual services.

  • Trust Guarantees: The protocol significantly increases trust guarantees for individual services by leveraging the pooled security of Ethereum's stakers.

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