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What is Covalent?

Covalent offers a revolutionary Unified API designed for fast and scalable access to historical blockchain data. Overcoming common challenges faced in blockchain data retrieval, Covalent's RESTful API provides a unified approach with a consistent request and response object format.

Covalent Unified API Features

  • Scalable Data Access: Fetch blockchain data at scale without the limitations of public nodes or complex SQL queries.

  • Consistent Object Format: Covalent's Unified API ensures a standardized request and response object format for a seamless Web3 development experience.

  • Support for 200+ Networks: Access historical data for any address across 200+ supported networks by modifying the unique network name in the URL.

Advantages of Covalent

  • Fast and Reliable: Covalent's Unified API offers fast and reliable access to historical blockchain data.

  • Simplified Web3 Development: Developers can effortlessly retrieve token balances and other data for any address across a wide range of supported networks.

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