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What is Chainbase?

Chainbase is an all-in-one data infrastructure for Web3 that revolutionizes the way developers interact with on-chain data. It automates the indexing and querying of blockchain data, offering a comprehensive suite of features and APIs to enhance the efficiency of web3 development.

Key Features

  • API - Indexed Data: Chainbase provides a suite of REST and Stream APIs, simplifying the web3 development process by offering easy access to enriched on-chain data.

  • Datasets: Supporting a wide range of decoded and enriched datasets, Chainbase empowers developers to build advanced applications with cutting-edge protocols.

  • Data Cloud: Utilize the Data Cloud feature to run low-latency queries through an endpoint, leveraging all indexed datasets for your custom needs.

  • Sync - Stream data to your backend: Chainbase Sync enables the integration of required data into your infrastructure, facilitating easier analysis and processing to power your API.

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