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What is Celestia?

Celestia is a modular data availability (DA) network designed to securely scale with the increasing number of users, providing a user-friendly solution for launching individual blockchains. Its key features include:

Modular Blockchain Stack

Celestia adopts a modular approach to the blockchain stack, allowing users to easily launch their own blockchains without the need for a validator set. This flexibility promotes decentralization and accessibility.

Data Availability for Rollups and Layer 2s

Rollups and Layer 2 solutions leverage Celestia as a network for publishing and making transaction data available. Celestia's high-throughput DA can be efficiently verified with a light node, ensuring reliability.

Easy Blockchain Launch

With Celestia, launching a blockchain becomes a straightforward process. Its modular design and scalable architecture cater to the needs of both developers and users, providing a seamless experience.

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