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Welcome to Blocto

Blocto is a smooth, secure, and gas-saving account abstraction wallet that simplifies the Web3 experience for users. Supporting multiple blockchains, including Flow, Ethereum, and Tron, Blocto offers robust security and seamless asset management. With features like no downloads needed and BloctoSwap, Blocto aims to make blockchain technology simple and accessible to everyone.

Key Features

No Downloads Needed: Manage your assets easily and securely through the Blocto App, without the need to download additional apps or browser extensions.

Seamless Onboarding: Blocto provides a user-friendly experience, allowing users to learn about wallet creation, seed phrases, private keys, and addresses at their own pace as they accumulate more assets.

BloctoSwap: Explore the first decentralized exchange on the Flow blockchain released by Blocto, initially supporting the FLOW/tUSDT pair.

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