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What is Axiom?

Axiom is a cutting-edge log management and analytics solution designed to address the challenges of logging extensive data while minimizing costs and management overhead. Key features include:

Efficient Data Ingestion and Storage

Axiom has been built from the ground up to enable highly efficient data ingestion and storage. This ensures that organizations can log as much data as needed without compromising on performance.

Zero-to-Infinite Query Scaling

Axiom offers zero-to-infinite query scaling, allowing users to query all their data, all the time. This scalability ensures that organizations can derive insights and monitor events without limitations.

Continuous Monitoring and Observability

Organizations leverage Axiom for continuous monitoring and observability. It serves as a reliable solution for staying informed about system activities and performance.

Analytics for Actionable Insights

Axiom acts as an event store for running analytics, providing a platform for organizations to derive actionable insights from their event data. This facilitates data-driven decision-making.

Axiom User-Experience

Axiom provides a unique log-management and analytics experience through its intuitive user interface, enhancing usability for both data analysts and IT professionals.

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