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What is Airstack?

Airstack is the easiest way to build composable blockchain applications. Our GraphQL APIs uniquely enable integrating cross-chain, cross-protocol/dapp, onchain, and off-chain data into any application. Airstack provides an AI solution that enables you to build queries using natural language searches – a great way to get started and learn the APIs. Airstack Abstractions enable devs to easily integrate use cases not just data.

Key Features of Airstack

  • Cross-Chain Integration: Airstack's GraphQL APIs allow seamless integration of cross-chain data, providing developers with the flexibility to access information from various blockchain networks.

  • AI-Driven Query Building: Airstack offers an AI solution that simplifies the process of building queries using natural language searches, making it accessible for developers at all levels.

  • Airstack Abstractions: Developers can easily integrate use cases beyond data through Airstack Abstractions, providing a modular approach to building blockchain applications.

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