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What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean is a decentralized data exchange protocol that powers the AI ecosystem by providing a robust tech stack, including Datatokens and Compute-to-Data. The protocol is designed to enable decentralized access control, token-gating, and privacy-preserving data transactions.

Key Features of Ocean Protocol

  • Datatokens: Publish data services as ERC721 data NFTs and ERC20 datatokens, enabling decentralized access control through token-gating.

  • Compute-to-Data (C2D): This feature allows the buying and selling of private data while preserving privacy. C2D grants access to run compute against the data without the data leaving the premises.

Datatokens and Decentralized Data Access

  • Publishing Data Services: Data services are published as ERC721 data NFTs and ERC20 datatokens.

  • Accessing Data: Holders of 1.0 datatokens can access the dataset or data service, and consuming data services involves spending datatokens.

  • Blockchain Integration: Crypto wallets, exchanges, and DAOs become data wallets, exchanges, and DAOs.

Compute-to-Data (C2D) for Privacy-Preserving Data Transactions

  • Private Data Value: C2D allows the buying and selling of private data, preserving privacy by running compute on the same premises as the data.

  • Decentralized Handshaking: Blockchain technology facilitates the handshaking process, ensuring privacy without moving the data.

Ocean Community

Ocean boasts a vibrant ecosystem with enthusiastic developers, data scientists, OCEAN holders, and Ocean Ambassadors. The community actively engages in predictions, data challenges, Data Farming, and more.

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